Projects Brewing In My Spare Time

I often have projects brewing in my spare time. This way I can learn new skills, try new ways of doing things or just have a bit of fun.

Yes, so everyone has done one of these in the past, but I thought I would give it a go as well. I wanted to learn a bit more about CSS Grid and this seemed like something useful I could do at the same time… even if only I used it. 

Try it out @

I have a very small home network with a small NAS where I store all my personal data. The QNAP NAS is divided up into several shared folders (or drives) and of course everything is encrypted. Due to the location of the NAS it it was a real pain in the behind to do full offsite backups onto external drives. Although the NAS is capable of doing this by plugging offsite drives into the NAS, I opted to rather write a small script and do it from the comfort of my workstation using Rsync.

You are welcome to use it and even improve it for your own use.