I always have a project brewing in my spare time

Because I love learning I always have some kind of project brewing in my spare time.

Generally I would build projects for myself, but I am shifting my focus to projects which are useful to other as well.

IPv4 CIDR Calculator

CIDR Calculator

Yes, so everyone has done one of these in the past, but I thought I would give it a go as well. I wanted to learn a bit more about CSS Grid and this seemed like something useful I could do at the same time… even if only I used it.

Project TechDesk

You always see these Youtubers going on about their cool desks. So I decided to make one of my own.

Project MiniMe

Digitisation Server Cabinet

What if… you could fit your entire life into a bag… hold it in the palm of your hand. This was a question I put to myself 8 years ago and I thought I would give it a go and see where I end up.

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