Client and Commercial Projects

Sabinet Discover Legal Search Platform
I was part of this project for over a decade in various capacities, and perhaps the largest and most complete source of legal information in Sub Saharan Africa. The project provides a full-text search platform using SOLR/Lucine. The backend was built using PHP, MySQL and Symfony. The project was recently rebuilt on AWS using React and various SaaS services. I saw it transform and produce a fantastic return on investment for the company.
Sabinet African Archives
The project MVP was built in WordPress and quickly gained popularity. The site provides a single entry point to Africa’s rich and diverse history and is one of the largest collections of African Archive information. The data set continues to grow and will undoubtedly be unmatched going forward. I was the technical lead on this project from start to release.
Sabinet Statistics Platform
The Project was a boutique statistics platform for Sabinet over various products to show usage and secure re-subscription. It was built using PHP, Symfony, MySQL and MongoDB. AWS QuickSight succeeds it.
Sendmarc - Various Projects
Sendmarc has several online-based tools and portals used across the business. They are different in function but relatively similar in technology. They all have a very simplistic charm but can be very sophisticated in the background. I work on various projects using PHP, Laravel, Python, MySQL and VUE.js.

Active Personal Projects

Why? - I do personal projects because I enjoy them and have creative control over them. Side projects teach me about technologies I would not have the opportunity to work with otherwise. I can also share them with you, unlike commercial or client projects.

Python RSYNC Automation Script
I needed something to simplify the offsite drive backups I make using RSYNC from remote locations. This script helped me to achieve this goal while saving me a lot of time.
JavaScript TicTacToe Game
This is a simple HTML, CSS, ECMA/Vite based TicTacToe game. The game is created as a code challenge.
JavaScript CIDR Calculator
This site is the original version of Test53 in the form of a CIDR tool. Built entirely in vanilla JavaScript the project was to demonstrate the ability to create a site without libraries or frameworks using very little code. The site is now parked and used for demonstrations only.
This is a new demo project I am very excited about building. The site is going to be a link-shortening service similar to Bitly. The concept is nothing new, and there are loads of these websites on the web, but it should be great for a demo project.

I am always doing something interesting on Github.

Follow my work there.