I can help you with web based software development.

If what I do is useful to you connect with me through the channels below. See you there!

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Web Development With Open Source Software

Web Development

I can help you develop great web based software using popular technologies.

Being a person who is open to new technologies and not being bias when it gets the job done is a strength that you can exploit. I enjoy the journey and celebrate the result.

The Tools I Use

Working Remotely

Virtual, Remote and Asyncronious work gives you access to my skills from anywhere.

It‘s been a privilege to work with individuals, teams, and companies worldwide to rapidly create exciting profitable products for them. Today it‘s easy to collaborate and produce value at a high valocity for you.

I maintain a remote work environment at home which is fault tollerant, resilliant and convenient.

Data and Business Security

Your Security

Your data security and compliance is important.

Security is a underlined requirement especially with virtual employees and external contractors becoming more popular. I do my part by ensuring that I am up to date with security practices and compliance to keep you secure.

Agile is not just for Software Development

When the Agile or the ”A” word comes up, everyone defaults to software teams, software development and digital projects.

Marketing, sales and many others in your organisation can benefit from the agile way to do meaningful work and get accelerated results.

I lead and coach more than just your software development teams.

Agile is for everyone

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