Working Remotely

I’ve had a home office for decades and remote work with all it’s challenges is nothing new to me.

Since 2009 I worked on several international project with remote clients and teams all over the world.

In 2020 when covid caused a National Lockdown in South Africa I was able to change my my co-located team to a work from home team where they had all the tools they needed to be productive, happy and healthy with very little effort.

Home Office

My home office setup is simple compared to some others I have seen (I am not a big spender), but it has everything I need and it even became somewhat of a hobby to improve it.

The research I did on home offices, to improve my own workspace, gave me the necessary knowledge to advise others on how to get setup quickly and cost effectively. My technical background helps a lot as well.

Home Network

My home network is a balanced combination of functionality, resources and low power usage. I impressed myself with what I have been able to achieve and I really love the low power options which improved so much over the past eight years.

I also took great care to include as much network security and redundancies as my knowledge and time allowed, like; backup power, data backups and failover internet connections.

Security While Working From Home

One of the main concerns for chief information officers, Information Technology managers and clients is the security of their organisations data or sensitive information as working from home becomes more popular. 

I slowly improved my my infrastructure to ensure as much data protection as possible. Full range of backups, VPN, VLAN segregation, firewalls, encryption and long running power backups.

Backup Power

Some places in the world struggle with consistent power supply. When this started happening more in our area I installed long running power backups. I don’t have to cancel meetings or delay time sensitive work due to a power outages.

Custom Furniture

For some this might seem silly, but having an environment which is comfortable and tidy is a really good idea when working from home.

I shopped and shopped and it was difficult to find furniture which matched my technology setup. When you do find something close to what you need, it was beyond my budget.

I started to build and improve my own furniture ideas. The furniture also needs to have maximum utility without taking up much space. It has to hide as many cables and peripherals as possible.